Rug And Mat Cleaning brisbane

Yashrush carpet cleaners are also able to clean all of your rugs and mats using the latest in cleaning technology. Super steam cleaning and rapid dry cleaning are combined with Scotchgard carpet protector to ensure the best possible result.

Protection For Your Rugs And Mats That Lasts Up To Three Years – Call Today For A Free Quote.

We know that every rug is unique, and every need is different. We clean rugs of all colours and type, including:

  • Persian rugs
  • Chinese wool
  • Indian rugs
  • Belgium rugs
  • Tapestry
  • Flokati rugs

…and so much more

Your rugs and mats are an integral part of your indoor furnishings. They not only make your home look beautiful they also help to reduce wear on wooden floors and carpets. With regular cleaning, your rugs and mats will last for years to come.

We Work With Both Residential Customers And Commercial Businesses.

Ask us about cleaning your pets bedding and mats while doing your rugs and mats.

Commercial Rugs And Mats Cleaning

Keep your rugs looking clean and professional with our commercial rugs and mats cleaning. Yashrush provides a commercial cleaning service to thoroughly clean your rugs and mats for a fresh and healthy environment. Some of the commercial premises we service include:

  • Shops
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Schools

Commercial properties see a lot of foot traffic, which means outside dirt and bacteria can quickly build up on your rugs. Vacuuming alone won’t help – you need a commercial rugs and mats cleaning service to thoroughly remove deep-down dirt for clean and soft rugs and mats.

Why Commercial Rugs And Mats Cleaning Is Important

Your commercial property represents your business, and grubby rugs and mats aren’t a good look! Commercial rugs and mats cleaning isn’t just important for maintaining a clean and professional appearance. It can also help create a more hygienic environment for your employees and customers.

Bacteria and allergens live deep inside rugs and mats, causing allergies and illness. While regular vacuuming won’t remove these nasties, professional cleaning will